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Your Hungarian Soccer Coach

I hold a Hungarian Football Coach License and a US National C Level Coaching License. I strive to teach my players the skills to help them thrive throughout their soccer journey.  I am patient, team-oriented and push to encourage self-confidence & self-motivation.  

I grew up in Hungary, learning and playing soccer from age 6 through my years in university.  I trained under and coached with a number of coaches in several European countries and the United States, including Thomas Doellner (youth coach in the legendary FC Bayern Munich Youth Academy) and Klaus Augenthaler (FC Bayern Munich star and member of the West German team that won the 1990 FIFA World Cup).  Youth training in Europe is very different than much of what I have seen in the United States. 

I am here to help teaching the european pathway. The spanish, german style is the way i teach.  High possession rate  lot of short passes with a lot of ball of movement and tactical build up.

I believe players has to have a great decision making skill and a " soccer brain " to be able to play in high level. Teaching tactical instructions, team movements and at the same time giving  freedom for the players is the nicest thing in coaching.  

Players has to make their own decision during the game, to be in a right time at a right place. 

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